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Constitutions, Elections and Legislatures of Poland, 1493-1993 by Jacek Jędruch (1998)

Table 21

Interregnum Senator Term of Office
1572-1574 Jakub Uchański (first term) 18 months
1575 Jakub Uchańiski (second term) 8 months
1586-1587 Stanislaw Karnkowski+ 11 months
1632-1633 Jan Wężyk 9 months
1648-1649 Maciej Łubieński 8 months
1668-1669 Mikolaj Prażmowski 13 months
1673-1674 Florian K. Czartoiyski** 6 months
Andrzej Trzebicki++ 1 month
1696-1697 Michal Radziejowski 12 months
1733-1734 Stanislaw D±bski# 3 months
Teodor Potocki+++ 11 months
1763-1764 Wiadyslaw Łubieński 13 months

* Senator who at the time of the King's death served as the Archbishop of Gniezno assumed the office of Interrex
+ Crowned Stephen Bathory in 1576 thus pre-empting the duties of Jakub Uchański, as well as Sigismund III Vasa during his own term of office
** Djed in office, while the Election Seym was in progress
++ The actual crowning of Jan Sobieski was performed in 1676 by Jedrzej Olszowski, the two year delay being due to the intervening war with Turkey.
# Supported the successful challenger of the outcome of the election, Frederick Augustus Wettin, and preempted the duties of Radziejowski.
+++ lmprisoned in Toruń by Russian troops, actual coronation performed by Jan Lipski.