Renown: to obtain a measure of an individual's renown an advanced Google Search is performed using the individual's name both in the order NAME, SURNAME and in the reverse order SURNAME, NAME. If the name contains Polish diacritical marks and thus its Polish and Anglicize spellings differ, both spellings are used.
     The total number of webpages Google reports as exisiting for the individual name, presented as described above, is considered to reflect the individual's renown. This value is then expressed graphically as a horizontal bar using a three cycle logarithmic scale in the range log10 3 to log10 6 corresponding numerically to values in the range 1000 to 100,000.
     The Renown estimate is provided for gross orientation purposes only; no claim is made regarding the significance or accuracy of the estimate. Obtained at a given point in time, it is subject to change (for instance due to new translations or other events affecting the author as well as changes in the algorithm employed by Google). Also, the estimate will include pages for namesakes with exactly the same name/surname combination. On the other hand it will omit pages which make reference to the individual solely by surname, as frequently the case - for instance - for Copernicus. Finally, the estimate is arrived at using only the English and Polish versions of the Latin alphabet - no consideration is given to pages in other alphabets, viz.: Cyrillic or Chinese, though for some names - for instance: Chopin - the number of such pages is large.