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Two newspapers are World's Best for 2005

The Society for News Design names Warsaw daily Rzeczpospolita and The Guardian, a London-based British, as the World's Best-Designed Newspapers for 2005.

In announcing the result of its 27th annual The Best of Newspaper Design Creative Competition, the Society termed Rzeczpospolita (circulation: 180,000)and The Guardian (circulation: 395,000) as "nearly perfect" dailies. The judges reached their unanimous decision after reviewing 389 newspapers from 44 countries.

Commenting on their choice, the judges said
"Many newspapers achieved a high standard of overall design, photography and illustration. Editorial voice, use of resources and visual storytelling were other qualities we looked for. But again, we sought perfection. Other entries came very close but these two received our unanimous vote for maintaining their quality and freshness on every page."
The Society's webpage illustrating Rzeczpospolita's layouts, characterizes the daily in the following terms
"Rzeczpospolita, one of Poland's largest national dailies, shows the ability to adapt to the news while keeping a clean, fresh look. It is great to see this newspaper reaching out to the 25- to 45-year-old highly educated, professional audience without excessive fanfare.

Each section's design reflects the tone of its subject. Different paper stocks, from the green business section with more conservative but engaging and energetic look, to the yellow legal section, assert its own identity through clean and playful topography. While respectful of tradition, the paper displays a definite modernity, in its mix of serif and san serif, black and red, even within single headlines.

There is an admirable continuity with Eastern European illustrative tradition strongly present on numerous full-page opinion and essay pages. Rzeczpospolita is truly beautiful and timeless."