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Community characteristic


                   Namysłów community is situated in the northern part
of Opole Province in the Oleśnicka Plain at the height of 137-194 m
above sea level and occupies an area of 290 square km.
The community's convenient situation nearby A-8 Wrocław-Warszawa route and A-4 Wrocław-Opole-Katowice route ensures a convenient access from all directions.

The greatest part of the overall area is occupied by:

  agrable land - 68%,
  forests - 24,5 %,
  built-up areas and transport routes - 7,3%.

The community has a population of  26.800 people, including the town population of 16.700 people.


        Namysłów as an administrative and economics centre concentrates most         important offices and institutions (e.g. banks, insurance agencies,        
        customs, persecutor's office).

        The community has agricultural and industrial character.