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Directory of InfoPoland pages listing notable Polish individuals
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Bialobrzeski, Czeslaw 1878-1953Physicist & Philosopher
Bugajski, Slawomir 1941-2003Mathematical Physicist
Ciołkowski, Konstanty 1857-1935Rocket Scientist
Copernicus, Nicholas 1473-1543Bishop & Astronomer
Curie, Maria Sklodowska 1867-1934Discoverer of Radioactivity
Fajans, Kazimierz 1887-1975Physico-Chemist & Pioneer of Radiochemistry
Fiszdon, Wladyslaw 1912-2004Scientist, Aerodynamist & Aviator
Funk, Kazimierz 1884-1967Biochemist & "Father of Vitamin"
Goetel, Walery 1889-1972Geologist & Conservationist
Grabowski, Antoni 1857-1921Chemical Engineer
Infeld, Leopold 1898-1968Physicist
Jablonski, Aleksander 1898-1980Physicist & Molecular Photophysics Pioneer
Kryszewski, Marian 1925-2005Physicist & Chemist of Polymers
Łukasiewicz, Ignacy 1822-1882Oil Industry Pioneer
Malinowski, Bronisław 1884-1942Anthropologist
Moscicki, Ignacy 1867-1946Politician, Chemist & President of Poland
Olszewski, Karol 1846-1915Chemist, Mathematician & Physicist
Rajchman, Ludwik 1881-1965Bacteriologist & Humanist
Sedziwoj, Michal 1566-1636Alchemist & A Pioneer of Chemistry
Sniadecki, Jedrzej 1768-1838Physician, Chemist & Biologist
Wroblewski, Zygmunt 1845-1888Chemist & Physicist
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