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>Ma這polska (Little Poland)

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Although Ma這polska is the name of one of Poland's 16 administrative provinces (Fig 1), historically the area associated with this name was significantly larger (Fig 2) stretching from Czestochwa in the west to Lublin in the east and encompassing the land between this line and the mountain ranges that form Poland's southern border. North of the mountains, it's a region of gently rolling hills and green valleys. In ancient times, the Vistulans, a Slavic tribe, lived along the upper Vistula River basin near Krak闚. Krak闚 itself became the Poland's capital in 1038 with the royal residence being located on Wawel hill overlooking the town. One can still see on the hill the remains of a 10th century church. Evidence of even earlier settlement include the remains of a pagan tample discovered by archeologists in the town's main square under the foundations of the 10th century Church of St. Wojciech (Adalbert). In more recent times, namely during the periods of the partitions (1795-1914), Ma這polska was part of Galicia, the Austrian province. Since Austrian rule was more relaxed than either that of the Prussian/Germans or the Russians, Ma這polska became the location where Polish patriotism found most explicit expression.
NOTE: Separate webpages cover the two southmost regions of Malopolska, Podhale and the Tatra Mountains and The Pieniny Mountains

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National Parks Rivers The Capital of the Province: Krakow - 740,500 inhabitants Town: Biecz - 4,900 inhabitants

Town: Niedzica - 1,600 inhabitants Town: Niepolomice - 7,300 inhabitants Town: Nowy Sacz - 83,000 inhabitants Town: Nowy Targ - 36,000 inhabitants Town: Oswiecim - 43,500 inhabitants Town: Rabka - 13,200 inhabitants Town: Stary Sacz - 8,800 inhabitants Town: Tarnow - 118,000 inhabitants Town: Wieliczka - 17,900 inhabitants Town: Zakopane - 30,000 inhabitants