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An advanced server which provides
  • Maps showing physical features (rivers, lakes, etc.), towns and cities, roads and railways, and tourist attractions (castles, churches, musea, etc.)
  • Map locator of 19,571 polish localities

  • Statistics about each location (province, district, population, phone and postal codes)

  • Schematic street maps for over 300 towns

  • Detailed street plans for 35 cities

  • Historical and tourist information (in Polish), as well as a listing of school
  • Seven levels of maginfication. Highest magnification is 1:220,000 in the countryside and 1:3,300 in cities for which street plans are available
The mapserver has limited English language capabilties.
      To access these click the word "English" in the frist line of the white box on the screen.
The size of the map on the screen can be increased to show almost twice as much terrain in each direction:
      Step 1. Click on "Print" (or "Drukuj" in the Polish version) at the far right white in box at the bottom
      Step 1. Click on "duze" (large) and "Pokaz" (show).
A mapserver offering two options
1. A country-wide Mapa Polski which provides
  • Interactive maps with or without (depending which you choose) roads, large and other town, rivers, lakes, provinces, and airports
  • A locator of Polish localities on zoomable but schematic maps of Poland
  • Several levels of maginification
  • Historical and sightseeing information
2. A regional Plany Miast which provides
  • Interactive locator of streets in 29 cities in the industrial heartland of southwestern Poland
Provides maps and itineraries for locations in Europe, calculating distances, travel times etc.
Provides maps and itineraries for locations world over from Poland to New Zeland
Zoomable topographic map of Tatra Mountains National Park - highly detailed, shows trails and elevations
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