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      Contents of a 1998 Special English language issue of the Polish periodical Więź now accessible, in part, from the Internet Archive


              Together and Separetly
Tadeusz Mazowiecki   Antisemitism of Good, Kind People   7096 words
Stanisław Krajewski   A Poor Christian Looks at the Ghetto   2846 words
Krzysztof Sliwiński   "The Jewish Problem" as a Polish Problem   8916 words
Jacek Borkowicz   A Few Words About Jews and Poles   4452 words
Władysław Krajewski   Facts and Myths: On the Role of Jews During the Stalinist Period     6202 words
              Children of one God
Jacek Salij OP   Did the Jews Crucify Jesus?   3025 words
Lucylla Pszczołowska   Antisemitism and Religious Formation   1884 words
Bishop Henryk Muszyński   The Jews as a Christian and Polish Problem   8266 words
Father Michał Czajkowski   The Sin of Antisemitism   4392 words
              Witnesses of Destruction
Halina Birenbaum   Written with a Pen Made from a Toenail   15691 words
Wojciech Wieczorek   From the History of Horror   2145 words
Władysław Bartoszewski   The Founding of the Anti-Racism League in 1946   3229 words
Piotr Kwiatkowski   The Jewish Cemetery   1640 words
              The Jews of Poland after the War and Today
Małgorzata Niezabitowska   A Sketch of the Subject   6354 words
Krystyna Kersten and Jerzy Szapiro   The Context of Contemporary Polish-Jewish References   7384 words
Katarzyna Meloch   A Place on Earth   2661 words
Justyna Domasłowska-szulc and Elzbieta Wrona   The Jews of Today's Warsaw   5372 words
Professor Chone Shmeruk   My Warsaw is Gone...   3280 words
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