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Eugene Dyczkowski: the Officers Club Murals
  at Fort Niagara State Park

The Officers Mess

Defending Forts - Fort Niagara Panel
by Eugene Dyczkowski

Dyczkowski's 90 fool long mural is in the Officers Mess. The painting depicts the evolution of warfare from the 16th century to the early 20th century. A Work Progress Administration project, the mural was completed in 1939.

Eugene Dyczkowski

Eugene Dyczkowski, a second generation American, was a graduate of Buffalo's Albright Art School. Well-respected as a disciplined artist, he exhibited paintings at the 1929 World's Fair in Warsaw. President of the Buffalo Society of Artists in the period 1936 - 1939.

In 1945, he became the founding President of the Polish Arts Club of Buffalo and, in 1948, the first President of the American Council of Polish Cultural Clubs. Born in Philadelphia in 1899, he died in 1987.

The Fort Niagara Panel is particularly notable. The two figures portrayed represent soldiers of the 28th Regiment which was stationed at Fort Niagara. They clearly stand in the interior of the old Fort Niagara with the South Redoubt visible in the background. Those knowledgeable about weapons will note that the soldier on the right carries a Model 1903 Springfield bolt action rifle while the soldier on the left holds a brand new weapon, the M-1 Garand semi-automatic rifle. The M-1 Garand had only entered into mass production in 1937, two years previous to the painting. Fort Niagara's 1000 yard firing range was renowned and much used by many units of the U.S. Army and the M-1 rifle's presence at Fort Niagara has been independently confirmed. Its use in World War II gave American soldiers a decided advantage in firepower.

American Revolution Panel by Eugene Dyczkowski


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