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Selected Chapters from Books on Poland and Related Subjects

Author: Jacek Jędruch
Title: Constitutions, Elections and Legislatures of Poland, 1493-1993

Chapter 2:
Monarchy Becomes the First Republic:
Kings Elected for Life
- 12,865 words

Author: Deborah Anders Silverman
Title: Polish-American Folklore

Chapter 2:
"The Old Neighborhood Isn't the Same Any
More": the Evolution of Polish--American Ethnicity
- 4,750 words

Author: N.J. Demerath III
Title: Crossing the Gods: World Religions and World Politics

Chapter 2 excerpt:
Troubles and Changes in European Christendom - 3,330 words

Authors: Lynne Olson and Stanley Cloud
Title: A Question of Honor - The Kosciuszko Squadron: Forgotten Heroes of World War II

Chapter 8:
"My God, They Are Doing It!" - 7,420 words

Author: Rev. Czeslaw Michal Krysa
Title: A Polish Christmas Eve: Traditions and Recipes, Decorations and Song

Chapter 4:
Vigil Supper Folk Art - 1,930 words

Author: Aleksander Topolski
Title: Without Vodka - adventures in wartime Russia

Chapter 1:
Enter Reds - 8,330 words

Chapter 17:
Beyond the Urals - 8,490 words

Author: Klaus Hergt
Title: Exiled to Siberia - A Polish Child's WWII Journey

Chapter 7:
"You Have Half an Hour . . ." - 6,290 words

End Papers
Sources and Suggested Readings - 1,700 words

Author: Eugene Krajewski
Title: Straws in the Wind - One Family's Incredible Journey

Chapter 6:
"Journey by Cattle Truck to the Frozen North." - 11,065 words


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