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Info-Poland - the website of the Polish Academic Information Center
  • very good information about Polish culture, including: Polish Studies in the US, Universites in Poland, Polish Literature, Polish Science, and Polish Folk Art - American Institute of Polish Culture
  • a priceless source of information about Poland in English - American Institute For Foreign Study
  • extensive gateway to sources in English and Polish - Social Sciences Resources, Information Services, University of Birmingham
  • Directory of most informative WWW sites related to Poland - Google Web Directory
  • Clearinghouse of information about Poland, Polish Universities, Polish Studies, etc. - PolishWriting, New Polish Literarture in English
  • Un site carrefour d'une grande richesse - L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora
  • Almost everything about Poland - priceless source of information about Poland in English (translated from Polish) - Przewodnik po literackich zasobach internetu: Instytut Filologii Polskiej, Wydzial Filologiczno-historyczny, Uniwersytet Gdanski
  • Your website is fantastic and an encyclopaedia of information on Poland. - Roman Skulski
  • I have seen your excellent website - Norman Davies, Supernumerary Fellow at Walfson College, Oxford, Fellow of the British Academy, Professor Emeritus of London University
  • A most impressive website and an important resource for Polish Studies - Marc Saperstein, Charles E. Smith Professor of Jewish History, George Washington University
  • I am in Poland on my Fulbright Fellowship and I am planning to recommend your valuable site for all Fulbright Scholars. Thank you for all your work on this site - Maria Jankowska, Professor and Research Librarian, University of Idaho
  • An excellent source of information about Polish Studies. Teaching philosophy, I have found this site very, very helpful. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to use the extensive database. Your work is absolutely crucial for the next American and Polish-American generations. - Hanna Bigosinski
  • An excellent site. it is very well set up and very direct. I found it very helpful and simple to access. - Whitney Hughes
  • Wow. Great website ... I just found it yesterday and am creating links to it on some of the websites that I'm involved with. - Paul Saydak
  • I have been researching Wislava Szymborska's biographical information. Your web site has assisted me immensely! - Jacqueline Romanski
  • First stop site for anyone interested in Polish history, society, geography, economy, government, culture, higher education, exchange programs, etc. - Modern Languages & Literatures, College of William & Mary
  • I have been scanning the web for good sites ... there can be no doubt that yours is peerless in terms of the sheer breadth of its material - an indispensable source and very easy to use. It is a very impressive work! Personally I have found it incredibly useful both in searching for historical information and general information about Poland. Wonderfully useful! - Nick Hodge Cracow Life
  • website is a valuable contribution to the Internet community and is very much appreciated - Carrie Bodensteiner
  • thank you for having such a nice and neatly organized site that I was actually able to find what I was looking for in spite of being techology resistant -
  • I wish also say thank you for your great web site, as it is a reference-guide for me, and for sure, lots of people you can help. I'm going to visit Poland next September. - Fernando Gonzalez - Madrid, Spain
  • What a wonderful service you provide! - Allison Frank, Assistant Professor of History, Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • most impressed by your website. The extensive information and the easy way to access it and navigate the site. - Susana Leistner Bloch, Kolbuszowa Region Research Group
  • I just discovered your site. It's very nice. I'm happy that there are those out there who are trying to educate about Polish heritage. - Ron Kelley
  • includes information on Polish Studies, academic and cultural life, educational resources, events, links, and more - Yahoo Directory: Polish Culture
  • congratulations on the intiative - we know that reliable information on the subject of Poland, Polish culture, customs and politics is a great rarity in the world (translated from Polish). - Andrzej Dominiczak
  • an impressive source of information I can see.- Jens A. Jorgensen, President, Icons of Europe
  • I have much respect for your work at the Polish Academic Information Center, to which I constantly refer my students and guest speakers from Poland.- Bozena Shallcross, Associate Professor of Polish Literature, University of Chicago
  • the mother of Polish sites! -
Poland in the Classroom - Resources for America's teachers and students
  • Extensive learning materials and information on Polish history, culture, important figures and legends. Useful for both educators and individuals researching Poland - Open Directory Project
  • Recommended as the single best Internet site for teachers and students interested in learning more about Poland. This is a terrific site with a tremendous amount of information about Poland: it's history, geography, and culture - Modules for Global Education, Ohio State University
  • a great place to start if you want to learn all about Polish history and Customs - Polish Things
  • Thank you to InfoPoland of the University at Buffalo for this great Web content for kids! - WGBY - Public Television for Western New England
  • a good source of real information about Poland - Elementary School Art, Manchester, CT
  • Read about Polish Poster Art at InfoPoland - Polish Posters Shop
  • What an awesome website! I have to do a presentation on Poland for my daughter's 3rd grade class. Thank you for all of your great information and handouts! Jackie Carone
  • I have been invited to visit with a few high schools to make presentations about Poland. The Polish Academic Information Center: It is a great source and I will certainly use the site in my presentations. Magdalena Tondera-Brant
  • You are to be commended for providing a source of information for all of Polonia especially our children. Ed Miles
  • Visited your Poznan page: congratulations, the page is very attractive. I like very much the concept of interweaving the text with visuals linking to pages providing additional information (Translated from Polish).Renata Freindorf
  • Very much enjoyed your website, an excellent source of information. Rogier Blokland, Department of Finno-Ugric Linguistics, University of Groningen
  • What an excellent educational site! Long awaited. I commend you on it. Cannot wait to go through it. I will be spending more time downloading this materal for my grandchildren and putting it into a book for them. - Irena Wojcik Gabon
  • Contains fascinating photos and history of some of the non-combatant services, such as the post office operated by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, complete with printed stamps. - Polish American Congress Washington Metropolitan Area Division. - comment refers to the Warsaw Uprising exhibit
  • I want to compliment you on your website articles on "Quo Vadis". They are excellent and I found them very interesting, especially the one on Henry Sienkiewicz. - Virginia Kloc
  • What a beautiful article on the history of Panna Maria! I am a direct descendant, born and raised in that vicinity. My great-great-grandfather was Joe Moczygemba, Sr. - Robert Pawelek
Poland in the Classroom - FOR THE CHILDREN
  • I can't thank you enough for this fantastice site. I am starting a unit on Poland this month. It has been difficult finding information for the younger children, but this site made it so easy Marianne Swist, Second Grade Teacher in West Springfield, MA.
  • We're having a day of Polish Heritage on our air; I'm creating an accompanying web site ... your Polish coloring pages would be perfect. Also, I would like to include your site on a "resource links" Jen Moulton Proctor, Webmaster/Web Designer WGBY, Springfield MA
Poland on the Web - Annotated links to Poland-related information
  • Excellent guide for background information on many aspects of Polish life. - Debra Kimok, Librarian, - State University College in Plattsburg.
  • Very rich source of information about Polish traditions (Xmas, Easter), architecture, cinema, culinary art, dance, language,poster art, theatre. Many links - Bella Online - Polish Culture.
  • a great collection of links to many facets of Poland: history, culture, geography, and more - Polish Things
  • This is absolutely the place to look for Penderecki links... get yourself there now! - symphonicdances
  • A Polish-American web resource with excellent links - Miroslaw Ignacy Wojciechowski
  • Directory of most informative WWW sites related to Poland - Open Directory - Spidera
  • Podkarpacie: Lots of useful links, maps and background on Zolynia's current province - Zolynia Memorial Site
  • Thank you for this great web site. Reading Prof. Solecki's article, I was heartened to learn that there was a civilized association of all nationalities in pre-war Lwow.- Lorraine K. Tyra
  • German Invasion of Poland - Lots of different articles - World War II
  • La Universidad de Búfalo ha reunido una excelente selección de páginas web dispersas en Internet sobre Ryszard Kapuscinski - Miguel Moliné Escalona
Info Polandstudent: USA - Polish Studies at US colleges and universities.
  • Congratulations on a most significant, very informative, and very much needed resource tool! Keep up this excellent work! - Donald E. Pienkos, Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • It is a wonderful site, and I am very grateful to you for creating it - Andrea Lanoux, Connecticut College
  • I admire what you are doing and wish to congratulate you on your efforts. - John J. Kulczycki, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Thank you for developing such a valuable resource for students of Polish subject matter. - Juliana Gondek, Professor of Voice and Opera Studies, Department of Music, UCLA
  • What a valuable service Buffalo is performing! - Frank Y. Gladney, Associate Professor, Univ. of Illinois Urbana/Champlain
  • Thank you for the information on the website, it is very useful. You are doing enormous job. - Ann S Gasienica-Byrcyn, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Thank you for your extensive and informative website. It is a very rich and useful collection of data on Poland programs. - Michael J. Mikos, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • A very nice web set-up. - Alan Timberlake, Professor, University of California/Berkeley
Info Polandreader: USA - Book chapters which the Center has the publisher's permission to post on the web.
  • Your efforts to propagate the Polish legacy on various and mulifold levels are exemplary. The site is well done, and in the publisher's name and my own, I am privilaged to be included. - Rev. Czesław M. Krysa, S.L.D., SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary, Orchard Lake, MI
  • I would like to express my fulsome support for the intellectual depth and sincere feeling that lies within your various Info-Poland sites. The chapter by Dr. Silverman was extraordinarily impressive in its balance and factuality. - Walter Chilman, Falls Church, VA
Info Polandstudent : Poland - Polish institutions of higher education: listing and study opportunities
Info Poland scholar - An incomplete directory of scholars with transnational Polish and American interests
  • I have found your directory of scholars on the web and found very informative. - Dariusz Ceglarek, Ass. Professor of Industrial Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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  • The Military Genius of Tadeusz Kosciuszko -


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