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Hasior's Household Chapels Cycle
Polish Bread, 1992 Chapel of the Azure Hope Chapel, 1991 Golgotha III, 1972
Polish Bread, 1992
Source of visual: Tatras Museum
Chapel of the Azure Hope
Source of visual: Mikolow Bank
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Chapel, 1991
Source of visual: Andzelm Gallery
Golgotha III, 1972
Source of visual:Polish Embassy, Tashkent

Commentary: "International pop art blended various conventions and techniques, mixed high art with low, borrowing from mass culture as it wished. In Poland, an original home-grown version of pop art was created by Wladyslaw Hasior (1928-2000), member of the Phases Association, author of poetic assemblages, monuments and monumental outdoor sculptures. His metaphoric compositions allude to the form of liturgy, travestying the shapes of altars, gravestones and feretories. Hasior's works, betraying a fascination with kitsch, using cheap votive objects, broken toys and baubles is enjoyed all over a world which values its hidden picturesque and somewhat exotic poetry from the Polish provinces."
(from the webpages of the Polish Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan)




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