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Władysław Hasior Assemblages
Three dimensional sculture The Guest, 1978 Three dimensional sculture
Three dimensional sculture
Source of visual: Tatras Museum
The Guest, 1978
Source of visual: Tatras Museum
Three dimensional sculture
Source of visual: Tatras Museum

Commentary: Wladyslaw Hasior (1928-1999) enjoys a unique position in Polish contemporary art. A sculptor, creator of spatial forms, action artist, scenery designer, and educator, he is considered to have been among the originators of Polish Pop Art. Midway through the 1950s he began creating assemblages out of mass-produced, everyday use items, which he arrayed strangely to create unusual meanings. He readily admitted to being inspired by the magic of objects, their singular "quiet lives." His works seem to exude the poetic of the Galician provinces, and contain Christian iconographic motifs, national symbols, echoes of martyrology and tragedy.

"I have no impertinent plans to move people emotionally. It's all based on my expectation of encountering a sesitive person. On the abilities of expectation. And then there occurs the possiblity of seeing the interpretation of the other in a manner which is entirely free, unrestricted, his or her own."
Wlasyslaw Hasior
1991 interview, Glos Wielkopolski
trans.: Peter K. Gessner

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