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United States



Kosciuszko Monument located on Fort Clinton Parapet of the U.S. Military Academy.

The base pedestal of the monument was erected in 1828, a couple of years after Kosciuszko's death, by the Corps of Cadets. The pedestal structure was intended to symbolize Kosciuszko's engineering skills and his work, over a period of two years, in erecting the fortifications of West Point.  In 1913, the Polish clergy and laity of the United States added the statue of Kosciuszko.  The monument is not far from the rock garden which Kosciuszko constructed during his moments of recreation while directing the creation of the initial fortification of West Point in 1778.


Kosciuszko Monument in in the Boston Public Gardens.

Erected in 1927, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the enlistment of Kosciuszko into the Continental Army, the statue is the work of Theo Ruggles Kitson (1876 -1932), one of the most prolific female bronze sculptors in America who also designed the world renowned statue of the Minuteman at the Lexington Battle Green..  The sculpture portrays the Polish hero of the American Revolution holding the plans for the future West Point.   It is located very near the middle Boylston Street entrance of the Public Gardens. Funds for the sculpture were collected from Poles and Polish-Americans in New England.


Kosciuszko Monument in Lafayette Park on Pennsylvania Avenue

Located in Lafayette Park across from the White House, the monument is the work of the Polish sculptor Antoni Popiel and was dedicated by President William Howard Taft.  The inscription on the monument reads "Erected by the Polish National Alliance of America and presented on behalf of Polish-American citizens, May 11, 1910."


Kosciuszko Monument at the corner of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and 18th Street.

The 20 foot bronze statue by Marian Konieczny is the gift of the people of Poland to the people of America on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of American independence.   The monument was dedicated on July 3, 1976.  The Philadelphia Polish Heritage Society is responsible for giving the original impetus to the idea of erecting the monument and broadened the appeal so as to incorporate all Polish-American Organizations.


Kosciuszko Monument on Solidarity Drive.

The monument is located in a beautiful spot that features magnificent vistas of Lake Michigan and the downtown Chicago skyline."



Statue in Williams Park.

The Park is located on the corner of Third Street North and Second Avenue North.


Kosciuszko Monument at the entrance to the Wawel Castle in Krakow

The work of Leonard Marconi and his son in law, Antoni Popiel, the statues was ready for casting in 1900, but was not erected until 1920.  It was destroyed in 1940 by the Germans during their World War II occupation of Poland.  The current replica, erected in 1960, is a gift to the City of Krakow by the Dresden community in Germany.


Kosciuszko Monument on Liberty Square (Plac Wolnosci) in Lodz.

Unveiled in 1931 it is the work of Mieczyslaw Lubelski.  Destroyed by the Germans during the World War II it was restored in 1960.


Kosciuszko Monument at the intersections of Grunawald and Swierczewski Streets.

Unveiled on December 27, 1930 it was the work of Zofia Trzecinsko-Kaminska.   Destroyed by the Germans during World War II it was reconstructed under the direction of the artist with a second unveiling on September 9, 1967.

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