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Tadeusz Kosciuszko Time-line

Age Date   Event
0 1746 12 Feb Born in Zaosie by Nowogrodek then in Polesie, now in Belarus
9 1755   Enrolled in Piarist Fathers College at Lubieszow
14 1760   Returns home and continues his education there
19 1765   Enters the Knight's School, the Polish Military Academy
20 1766 20 Dec Commissioned as Ensign or First Lieutenant, remains at the Academy as an instructor.
23 1769   Promoted to Captain of Artillery leaves for France on Royal scholarship
28 1774   After visiting England, Italy, Switzerland and Germany, returns go Poland
29 1775   Leaves Poland for France
30 1776   Sails for America
    30 Aug Kosciuszko's application for a commission is read in Congress
    18 Oct Commissioned as Officer of Engineers; Fortifies defenses of the port of Philadelphia against a British attack.
31 1777 12 May Reaches Fort Ticonderoga where he is sent to prepare the Fort's defenses. His advice to station artillery on Sugar Hill overlooking the Fort is ignored contributing to the capture of Fort by the British
    17 Oct Surrender of British General Burgoyne at Saratoga. Kosciuszko's selection and fortification of Bemis Heights, as a line of defense against the advancing British, credited with making the victory possible.
32 1778 5 Mar Named Chief Engineer charged with the fortification of West Point on the Hudson River. The fortifications he installs deny the British access to the upper reaches of the river.
34 1780 3 Aug Named Chief Engineer of the Army of the South
38 1784 Jul 15 Promoted by Congress to Brigadier General; departs for Paris and whence returns to Poland
43 1789 1 Oct Commissioned as Major General in the Polish Army
46 1792 18 Jul In the course of the Polish-Russian War of 1972 he distinguishes himself as commander of the Polish Forces at the Battle of Dubienka
    30 Jul Learning that the King has capitulated to Russian demands, resigns commission and leaves Poland, for Germany, later France and Italy
48 1794 24 Mar Returns to Poland and on Krakow's Market Square takes public oath as the commander of a national uprising
    4 Apr At Raclawice achieves a brilliant victory over units of the Russian Army
    10 Oct Defeated and badly wounded at the Battle of Maciejowice, is taken prisoner by the Russians
50 1796 26 Nov Is paroled by Tsar Paul I; on December 19 leaves St. Petersburg for Sweden and England on the way to the United States
51 1797 18 Aug Arrives in Philadelphia; is frequently visited by Vice-President Jefferson
52 1798 Jul Leaves the United States, sailing to Paris where he cooperates in the formation of the Polish Legion
70 1815 15 Jun Departs for Switzerland, Europe's only remaining republic
71 1817 15 Oct Dies in Switzerland following a fall from a horse


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