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Grabowski, Msgr. Stanislaw: Follow Me: The Memoirs of a Polish Priest

Msgr. Stanislaw Grabowski:
Foreword by Adam Cardinal Maida
Preface by John Radzilowski

Recommended by John Radzilowski

Born to an impoverish peasant family in Russian-controlled Poland in 1911, Stanislaw Grabowski was ordained to the priesthood in 1938. At the outbreak of World War II he was serving a diocese in western Poland. In October 1939, he was arrested as part of an ethnic cleansing operation in the areas of Poland directly annexed by the Reich.

For the next five and a half years Fr. Grabowski was a prisoner in Nazi camps. Most of that time was spent in the "priests' barracks" in Dachau. After liberation, he came to the United States where he wrote one of the first accounts of the Holocaust in Polish outside of Poland. He served in parishes on the east coast, South Dakota, and Minnesota and passed away in 1993.

FOLLOW ME tells the story of a remarkable and danger-filled life. It is one on the first books ever to tell the story of Polish priests imprisoned by the Nazis during World War II. Over a fifth of Poland's Catholic clergy was killed during the war, and many religious were imprisoned or tortured. More than just a historical memoir, FOLLOW ME also recounts Msgr. Grabowski's journey of faith and how that faith helped to finally help him come to terms with the horrors he experienced in the camps.

FOLLOW ME may ordered through the Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota, P.O. Box 18403, Minneapolis, MN 55418-0403. The cost of the book is $12, plus $1 shipping and handling for each copy. Please make checks payable to PACIM.


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