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Polish Military History

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Filipow, Krzysztof and Zbigniew Wawer: Passerby, Tell Poland...

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Filipow, Krzysztof and Zbigniew Wawer: Passerby, Tell Poland . . . Narvik, Tobruk, Monte Cassino, Falaise. Warsaw: Arkady, 1991. 198 pages. ISBN 83-213-3585-3.

Recommended by Ted Mirecki

This is a large-format (9.5 x 12.5 in) picture book outlining the history of Polish Armed Forces in several theaters of operations outside of Poland in World War II. A multitude of well-captioned photographs dominates each page, but there is also text giving the background and chronology of each of the described operations. Chapters include: The Polish Army in France; The Polish Army in Great Britain; The Independent Carpathian Rifle Brigade; The Polish Army in the USSR and the Polish Armed Forces in the Middle and Near East; The Fighting of the 2nd Corps in Italy (including a detailed account of the Battle of Monte Cassino); The 1st Armoured Division; The Independent Parachute Brigade in Operation "Market-Garden" (attack on Rhine bridges near Arnhem); The Polish Air Force; The Polish Navy. The title comes from the inscription in the Polish cemetery at Monte Cassino: "Passerby, tell Poland that we have fallen here faithful in Her service." An excellent short history of some major military operations, with the added interest of historical photos.

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