The Translator

Milosz - the translator of the Book of Psalms. In 1979, a translation of the Book of Psalms by Milosz was published. It's not the only book of the Bible translated by him. Earlier he published : The Gospel according to St. Mark, the „Book of Ecclesiastes” and in 1980 - both Lamentations and the Book of Job. In his translation of the Book of Psalms from Hebrew, Milosz tries to create a modern Polish „high” language, hieraic and liturgical, whose sources can be found in the past, but at the same time will be accepted by today’s language sensitiveness. [Czeslaw Milosz; Preface to The Book of Psalms]. In his translation Milosz uses precise language, very concise, when this is really necessary. In Poland, the translation is considered to be the best present-day translaton of the Book of Psalms.

This page, in its earlier 1997 version (use right mouse to open in new window), was created by Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk, Iwona Kowalska, and Dariusz Plygawko, students of the Fifth General Education Liceum in Bielsko-Biala. Marcin Tomana and Piotr Kowalski of the School's Informatics faculty and Urszula Zajaczek of the Polish Language faculty, acted as advisors. Linguistic editing of current version by Peter K. Gessner.


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