Casimir Pulaski

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Casimir Pulaski was born on March 4, 1747, in ________. His father was a ___________, a man of power who owned a lot of land. He taught his son Casimir to be a good __________ and to love Poland.

Poland's freedom was under attack by Catherine the ______ Empress of Russia. She wanted Poland under her ___________ Pulaski's father and brother died while ____________ for Poland's freedom. Pulaski continued to fight until he was __________ and sentenced to _______ by Catherine the Great. He escaped to France. Meanwhile, Poland was _____________ by Austria, Russia, and Prussia.

While in France, Pulaski met Benjamin ______________, who was searching for military leaders to help the __________ fight for freedom. In 1777, Pulaski came to America and was soon made a General in the _____________. Cavalrymen rode on ________ into battle. Among the many __________ Pulaski's Legion fought in were: Brandywine, PA; Germantown, PA; and Savannah, GA. Pulaski was _____________ wounded at the Battle of Savannah. We remember Pulaski as a true ____________ and as the "Father of the American Cavalry."


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