Revolutionary War Heroes

Tadeusz Kosciuszko & Casimir Pulaski came to America to help the Colonists win in their fight for freedom. Match each attribute below to its correct Polish hero. Use the overlapping part of the Venn Diagram to write their many similarities.

General KosciuszkoGeneral Pulaski

  • Requested in his will that money be used to free slaves
  • "Father of the American Cavalry"
  • Planned the defense at Saratoga
  • Came to America to help colonists fight for their freedom
  • Organized the defenses .of Ticonderoga, Mount lndependence & West Point
  • Hero of "Two WorIds"
  • Believed in freedom for all people
  • Has a Chicago Street named after him
  • Born in Poland
    - Mortally wounded in the Battle of Savannah
  • Fought for the Freedom of Poland
  • Met Benjamin Franklin at West Point


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