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Stanisław Władysław Reymont Time-line
aka Stanislaw Wladyslaw Reymont Time-line

Age Date   Event
0 1867 7 May Born as Stanisław Rejment in Kobiele Wielkie, a village in central Poland
17 1884   Receives diploma as a journeyman taylor in Warsaw
18 1885   Sets out with a theatrical troupe as an actor
21 1888   Begins employment as a workman on the railway
22 1889   Unhappy in love, seeks to commit suicide.
23 1890   The spiritualists discover him to be an excellent medium and mediums are well paid
24 1891   Using the pename Reymont, tries to write for newspapers
26 1893   Moves to Warsaw with three roubles in his pocket and a suitcase of manuscripts
27 1894   Participates in a pilgrimage. The resulting travelogue, Pilgrimage to Jasna Gora, becomes his first literary success. Later, journeys to London and makes contact with the International Thosophical Society
32 1896   Spends some months in Łódź collecting material for The Promised. His first novel, The Comedienne, appears in print
33 1898   Seriously injured in a railway accident: the indemnity he receives secures his financial independence. Visits Paris and Switzerland.
34 1899   The Promised Land is published
37 1902   Marries Aurelia Szablowska. The first volume of The Peasants appears
46 1913   Publication of the first volume of 1794, a trilogy.
47 1914   During World War I, Remont lives in Poland
52 1919   Makes a brief visit to the United States
53 1920   Second visit to the United States. Then settles down on his own estate, Kolaszkowo
57 1924 Nov. 13 Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, he is too sick to travel to Stockholm
58 1925 Dec. 5 Dies in Warsaw


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