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Warsaw: Life and Death in the Ghetto which the Germans established there during WWII

      Poles, Citizens, Freedom's Soldiers.

Amidst the din of artillery with which the German army is firing into our houses, into the
homes of our mothers, children and wives;
Amidst the rattle of the machine guns which we are capturing while battling cowardly
gendarmes and SS-men
Amidst the smoke of fires and the dust of the blood of the murdered Warsaw Ghetto - we -
the prisoners of the Ghetto - send you our brotherly and cordial greetings.
We know that in heartfelt pain and tears of sympathy, that with admiration and fear for
the outcome of this battle you are watching the war that for many days now we are fighting
with the merciless occupiers.
But know also that each threshold in the Ghetto is a bastion and will remain so, that
though we may all perish in the battle but we will not surrender, that like you we are
gasping for revenge and punishment for all the criminal acts of our common enemy.
The fight is on for your and our F r e e d o m.
    For your and our - human, societal, national - honor and dignity.
We shall avenge the crimes of Oįwiencim, Treblika, Betz’cz, Majdanek.
    Long live the brotherhood of blood and arms of Fighting Poland!
    Long live F r e e d o m!
    Death to the torturers and tormentors!
    Long live the battle to the death with the occupiers!

A leaflet declaration made in the midst of the Ghetto's Uprising by the Jewish Fighting Organization (Click on text in images to enlarge)


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