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Warsaw: Life and Death in the Ghetto which the Germans established there during WWII

"After 1600 hours we attacked the fortified houses in Niska Street. I used some 400 picked SS men and all the Wehrmacht men under my command for that purpose. We fought until nightfall, till 22.30 hours. The method used in the battle for Niska Street was the same as the one we had used before: our men approach their objective; the first exchange of fire; artillery is brought up; a brief assault follows. If we suffer casualties, I order the flamethrowers to the fore. All this time our machine guns never cease firing. The conflagration spreads - we set the buildings on fire in accordance with the direction of the wind - and move in behind it. We advance ever so slowly. We are on the lookout for moving targets. The Jews are jumping out of windows, balconies, attics, roofs. My crack shots are firing the Jewish 'paratroopers.' Some of the Jews are in despair and resigned to their fate. Others are combative and aggressive to the very end. They swear at us. Some sing the Polish national anthem, others the Psalms."

from a April 27, 1943, report by the German commander, General Stroop.


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