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The City of Poznań - The legendary cradle of Poland

The Fara Church
The Fara Church
Interior of Church
Interior of the Church

The Fara Church: The Parish Church of St. Stanisław

At the end of a short street from the Rynek (Market Square) One of the most beautiful baroque churches in Poland. Built in the years 1651-1701, it was built originally for the Jesuits, who however were expelled from Poland in 1773.

A view of the Rynek
South-east corner of the Rynek
the Górka Palace in the center
The Fara
Looking down Swietoslawska Street
past the Górka Palace with the
Fara Church in the distance

Górka Palace
Górka Palace

The Fara is located at the end of the short Swiętosławska Street that is entered from the south-eastern corner of the Rynek. There at the corner of Swiętosławska and Wodna Streets stands the Górka Palace, the only Renaissance Palace in Poznan. Today houses the Museum of Anthropology

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