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The City of Poznań - The legendary cradle of Poland

Poznań's Institutions of Higher Education

Poznań boasts a student population 120,000 strong. It has a number of Institutions of Higher Education, and tough many of these are dedicated to a narrower set of disciplines than usual in English speaking countries, they grant doctorates and in this and in other respects equivalent to Universities. While in English language these are accordingly titled as Universities, their Polish names, such as Academia or Politechnika relate to earlier traditions. A second set of institutions that do not grant doctorates and use the term Wyższa Szkoła - Higher School in literal translation - are more akin to Colleges.

Collegium Minus
Hall in Collegium Minius
Photographs from 1920 of the Collegium Minus and its Grand Auditorium.

The Adam Mickiewicz University: the one institution that bears the term Uniwersytet in Polish is the Adam Mickiewicz University which was formed in 1919. Its administration is located in the Collegium Minus, a structure built in the German neo-Renaissance style 1905 - 1910 for the Reichsuniversität (The Royal Prussian Academy) which had been founded "to carry out the German mission in the East". Currently, the University has a student body of 34,000 and some 50 buildings, most scattered around the center of Poznan, though the University is also creating a future suburban University Campus at Morasko, some 4.5 miles north from the City Center. The photograph on the left above, dated from 1920, provides a clear view of Collegium Minus. The Poznań Philharmonic often stages concerts in its Grand Auditorium - one of the greatest concert halls in the country.

Collegium Maius
Collegium Maius
The Academy of Medicine: The Collegium Maius, built in 1908, was originally the building of the German Colonization Commission. The principal task of the Commission was the acquisition of land from Poles in the lands annexed by Prussia and the settling on these lands of German colonists In May 1920 the building was transferred to the University as seat of its Faculty of Medicine (Collegium Medicum).After WWII the Communist government separated the Faculty of Medicine from the University, creating the Academy of Medicine named after Karol Marcinowski,
Collegium Maius
Collegium Altum
a distinguished physician and patriot of the first half of the 19th century. The name under which the Academy goes in English is the Poznan University of Medical Science. The Collegium Maius, which serves as the administration building of the Academy, is located on Fredry Street just east of the Opera House which is visible in the photograph. As a vestige of the earlier alignment of the Academy, it shares part of the building with the Adam Mickiewicz University. In addition to training physicians, and students working towards Ph.D. degrees in the Medical Sciences, the Academy instructs dentists, pharmacists, medical analysts and nurses. Also it is one of two intitutions in Poland which offers training towards an M.D. degree entirely in English

Academy of Economics The academy specializes in educating economists, managers and specialists in quality management. It has some 19,000 of whom 2,500 are enrolled in its MBA program. A significant number of courses are taught in English and the Academy offers one semester English program which is specially prepared for foreign students. The Academy posesses the distinction of one its buildings, 18 storeys high Collegium Altum, being Poznań's tallest structure. A cafe and viewing area on the 18th floor provide unreviled views of the city.

Other institutions of higher education in Poznań include the Academy of Fine Arts, the Academy of Music, the Polytechnic which primarily trains engineers, the Academy of Agriculture and a number of Higher Schools such as those of Humanities and Journalism, Banking, and Management and Banking, all private institutions, some with significant enrollments, as for instance the last one which has 14,000 students.

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