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Goals and Limitations of the Listings


The InfoPoland student pages of the Polish Academic Information Center have as a goal the provision of comprehensive information regarding the Polish Studies at United States colleges and universities and, likewise, regarding study abroad opportunities at Polish institutions of higher education. .

Method and Timeliness

In seeking to fulfill its goal, the Center has to deal with several problems. These and the measures taken to overcome them are listed below:
  • Information about Polish Studies at the target institution's web-site is typically scattered and retrieving it, even when one is experienced, is a time consuming and tedious affair. It is for this reason that the Center seeks to provide all the said information in its InfoPoland student listing for the target institution.
  • Some courses, particularly ones in such area as Polish Studies, are sometimes offered on a two, three or even four year cycle. However, college catalogs or bulletins - and their Internet equivalents - often list only the course for the current and forthcoming semester. So as to provide a broader perspective, the Center seeks to obtain and list information regarding courses that may not be given annual. On the other hand, InfoPoland student will not list courses that are not being given currently and have not been given in the previous three years.
  • The Internet is in a constant flux; information posted about a course, program, etc. at the target institution's web site may be deleted or the web page featuring it removed anytime. For this reason, the Center listings reproduce the relevant information on its own InfoPoland student website, but a hyperlink is provided to the target institution's web page from which the information was obtained.
  • Target institutions are frequently tardy in their Internet postings of fresh information about new courses, programs, etc. or changes therein. Also, the Center can only revise its InfoPoland student pages periodically. Accordingly, if you wish to obtain the latest information, we invite you to check with the target institution's Key Faculty member(s) directly.


The information posted by the Center about Polish Studies on its InfoPoland student pages is derived, in part, from searches of the target institution's web site and partly from material provided by key individuals at that institution. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy. If, as a visitor, you should find an inaccuracy, please inform the Center of it so that it can be corrected.

The @ hyperlink

Throughout the InfoPoland student website, @ is a link to either the target institution's web page or printed materials from which the information listed on our web page was taken. Though the linked page contained the quoted information at the time when the InfoPoland student page was last revised, because the Internet is constantly in flux, there is no guarantee that it continues to do so now.

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