The Polish Academic Information Center is an interuniversity agency of the University at Buffalo, the flagship campus of the State University of New York, and Poland's Jagiellonian University, one of the oldest universities in Central and Eastern Europe. Its establishment, under the aegis of Poland's Ministry of National Education, constitutes an extension of the collaboration, now in its seventh year, between the two institutions.


The Center's primary mission is to serve the academic communities of both America and Poland as an information clearing house for institutions and individuals interested in pursing studies related to Poland, its culture, language, economy, etc.

Secondarily, the Center's mission is to provide on-line listings and data bases pertaining to resources, events, opportunities and individuals which could prove useful to individuals interested in Poland and Polonica.

Another mission of the Center is to assist institutions and individuals in their pursuit of scholarly research, mounting of exhibitions, preparation of courses and establishing exchanges in the areas and on subjects related to Poland and to stimulate interest in such activities.

Furthermore, the Center is to serve the Polish community in the United States by addressing its educational and cultural needs and strengthening its ties with Poland.

The Center's long-term mission is to enhance the interest and esteem in which Poland and its academic institutions are held in North America.


The Center disseminates information primarily through its pages on the Internet.


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