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Polish Studies and the University of Nevada

The University's webpages currently list no courses in the area of Polish Studies, and only one course has been found bearing on Poland-related matter. However, as detailed below, one faculty member has done reseach in Poland and two has studied there.

Poland Related Courses

EC 301/EC 305 Comparative Economic Systems @
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course examines the major economic systems of the world, in both theory and practice. The approach will generally focus on encouraging a general understanding of how economic systems work and how economic theory interacts with government policy, history, and culture to explain economic performance. Economies examined in some detail will include several advanced market capitalist countries (e.g., the U.S., Japan, France, Sweden, and Germany), the former socialist economies (e.g, the former Soviet Union, Poland, and China), and other East Asian economies (e.g., South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore).


Robinson, Michael - Professor of Secondary Science Education
Ph.D.University of Nevada Reno, Nevada
Phone: (520) 621-5825 / E-Mail: e-mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Global environmental education, Environmental problems/Issues based on science.

POLAND RELATED SCHOLARSHIP: Fulbright Poland 1994; Primary author of study on "The Ranking of Global Environmental Issues and Problems by Polish Secondary Students and Teachers." @
Zielinska, Barbara - Research Professor of Energy and Environmental Engineering @
Ph.D., Polish Academy of Sciences, 1979
Phone: (702) 677-3198 / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Mechanism of formation of mutagenic derivatives of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons under the influence of gaseous atmospheric pollutants, and on the implications of atmospheric chemical transformations to the mutagenicity of ambient air. Characterization of organic compounds in ambient air and emission sources, their atmospheric transformation and apportionment of sources.
Trzynadlowski Andrzej Professor of Electrical Engineering@
Ph.D.Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland,1974
Phone: (775) 784-6927/ Fax (775) 784-6627 / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Power electronics, control of electric motors, pulse width modulation techniques, noise, vibration, and EMI mitigation in adjustable speed drives, fault diagnosis in electromachine systems, application of DSPs in power conversion schemes, renewable energy systems, novel structures of electric machines.

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