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6,300 word The 1995 essay discusses the Polish Film Festival held annually in Gdansk, and examines the areas of production, distribution and exhibition of films, as well as the ancillary markets for them (viz: home video). It discuss es studio privitization and usage, and funding sources.
6,700 words A Brief Outline of Authorial Roles in Polish Post-War Feature-Film 1945-1995
4,500 words A discussion of Polish documentary film making in the early to mid 1990's. The author seeks to analyze the effect of the advent of the free market economy and the culture of consumerism promoted by it. He perceives that the documentary, as a mirror reflecting reality, has been broken into a thousand pieces.
3,880 words A discussion of the American film genre of "gore," otherwise called "splatter" or "slasher" films, differentiation of the genre from horror films, the role of psychoanalytic concepts in the creation and story line development, as well as the inclusion of the genre in postmodernist philosophy.
4,640 words A discussion of semiotics and film
10,200 words A review of the subject and particularly of writing published in Polish on the subject of Polish Film Theory
2,400 words "Women in Polish film are frequently reduced to a few stereotypes. Małgorzata Radkiewicz looks at how female directors portray female characters. This article was originally presented as a talk 'Heroines, sexbombs and ordinary women in Polish female cinema' given on 10 December 2001 at the Polish Cultural Institute in London as part of the '20 million Polish women' season." to read more, please click the link.
3,200 words "Polish cinema has long been marked by tendencies such as 'moral concern' and an interest in the 'devil of history.' Andrew James Horton looks at five recent Polish films that continue this tradition. " to read more, please click the link.
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