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1,720 words
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A Kieślowski In Memoriam Home Page. Provides short biography, a filmography and many links
4,750 words A richly annotated filmography
1,560 words An account, published in the Oxford University Student newspaper on June 2, 1995, of Kieslowski's visit to Oxford University and his interview with author.
6,385 words Herbert Eagle essay on Kieslowski's new approach to suspense, his fascination for the unanticipated results of seemingly unimportant choices, etc.
13,675 words Chapter 4 in Dennis Redmond's The World is Watching: Video as Multinational Aesthetics 1967-1995. Chapter aanalyzes episodes 1-4 of Kieslowski's legendary ten-part TV series The Decalogue, produced for Polish television in 1987-88. Focuses on Kieslowski's earlier works, and the Polish film in the 1970s.
13,865 words Chapter 5 in Dennis Redmond's The World is Watching: Video as Multinational Aesthetics 1967-1995. The Chapter analyzes episodes 5-10 of The Decalogue, looks at how Kieslowski constructs genuinely European characters and plot themes out of a broad assortment of national, international and Cold War materials; pays especial attention to the micropolitics of gender.
1,365 words Taken from Censorship: A World Encyclopedia. Discusses Kieslowski's early films: Workers '71 (1971), Curriculum Vitae (1975), From the Night Porter's Point of View (1978), The Staff (1975), Calm (1976), Blind Chance (1981), No End (1984)
16 links A collection of links to Kieslowski related pages.
4,710 words Gerard Sampaio essay on Kieslowski's Blue White, and Red,
8,360 words An in depth review of the directors ouvre. Subtitled "We live in the world lacking idea on itself."
2,660 words A 1988 article subtitled "Film dissent in the USSR and the Soviet Bloc" which discusses. intra alia, Kieslowski's film No End which it terms a "masterpiece."
10 posters Created mostly for the Polish public may be perceived as carrying various messages
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