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> Wladyslaw Starewicz / Władysław Starewicz

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1,608 words Starewicz's extended biography and a listing of his filmography catagorized by location (Lithuania, Russia and France)
300 words Starewicz's homepage containing his brief biography and a listing of links to his filmography.
  • A Short Biography
  • The Other "-Ographies" : Filmography, Videography, Bibliography and Puppetography
  • Frogland
  • The Mascot, a/k/a Puppet Love, a/k/a The Devil's Ball
  • Nose to the Wind
  • Winter Carousel
  • The Cameraman's Revenge
  • The Insect's Christmas
  • Voice of the Nightingale
  • Tale of the Fox
  • Short Takes: "The Scarecrow", "Town Rat, Country Rat"
  • 300 words Starewicz's biography and a link to his filmography.
    510 words Will Robinson Sheff's review of Starewicz's works and describes how Starewicz's develop his first "Stop-Motion Puppet Animation" -- Moscow in 1910.
    1,179 words Chris Hyde's article on the life of a man who invented stop-motion animation born in the late 1800s -- Wladislaw Starewicz.
    438 words Jeremy Heilman's review for Starewicz's film, The Mascot.
    2,431 words Starewicz extended biography at selu.edu including his childhood to the emergence of his first films.
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