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various An American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages website listing intesive Polish language courses.
9 to 12 weeks The Critical Languages Institute offers a nine-week (June 1 - July 30) introductory Polish course followed by an optional 3-week practicum in Poznan.
8 weeks In 2004 the Central European Languages Summer Workshop will offer one course: First year Polish
no course Though Polish has been offered by the University's Summer Language Institute in past years, it is not one of the languages offered in 2004
weekend The college offers, in both New Paltz and New York City, three day, 16 hour weekend immersion courses in Polish at various times of the year, including June and July, provided there is sufficient student registration.
6 weeks The Russian and East European Summer Language Institute offers six week Beginning Intensive Polish and Intensive Intermediate Polish courses.
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