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31 links A with pages devoted to: Lem about himself, Life and Works, Pictures, Works, A Gallery of Covers, Lem's Drawings, Daniel Mroz's Gallery, FAQ's , Forum, Publishers, Bibliography, Links.
4,420 words
97 links
A large site featuring a bibliography, links to essays, other Lem sites, etc.
3,650 words
43 links
A fine page discussing Lem and his writings. Also a bibliography.
2,100 words An interview conducted in Krakow in 1996 with Stanisław Lem by Wojciech Orlinski of "Wiadomosci Kulturalne"
2,000 words
130 links
The writing of Stanisław Lem - Introduction, links, and commentary. The site provides capsule reviews (highly subjective) of nearly all of Lem's work that has been translated into English.
4020 words Reviews of Stanisław Lem's 1970 Solaris (and its film version), His Master's Voice (1983), Return from the Stars (1989), The Futurological Congress (1974), and The Cyberiad (1985)
2,658 words Study Guide chap ter by chapter for Stanisław Lem's 1961 science fiction masterpiece: Solaris
290 words
25 links
Filmography of Andrej Tarkovsky 1972 film Solaris based on Stanisław Lem's novel of the same title
>1100 words this is a fine page about Stanislaw Lem, with content of a list of Bibliography, complete collected works as published in 1998-2005 in Poland,Film and TV adaptations and some external links
12,300 words Dr. Frank Prengel translation of portions of both this work; the only source in English for some of Lem's important work in futurology and the theory of cybernetics.
129 links Polish flag   An extensive website devoted to Stanisław Lem and his science-fiction.
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