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> Wladyslaw Reymont / Władysław Reymont (1868 - 1925)

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2,120 words An autobiography Reymont provided to the Nobel Foundation
630 words The essay that accompanied theNobel Foundation's 1924 award in literature.
1,715 words An introduction to the Nobelist, his style, his two best known works, and the circumstances attending the award of the Nobel prize
745 words The opening paragraphs of The Promised Land in the original and in two translations - getting at Reymont's style.
2,325 words Biographical sketch: a composite from a set of autobiographical notes Reymont furnished to the Nobel Foundation and a two page autobiography published as an appendix to Leon Or³owski's "Reymont w Ameryce"
245 words Reymonts comments upon being notified of having won the Nobel prize
605 words Fragments of reviews of The Promised Land
345 words A description of Reymont's two stays in the United States.
8,000 words Website annotated timeline of 1050 words, a 325 word listing of his principal works with a 3,860 page on The Peasants, a 730 page on The Promised Land (seven annotations) and shorter pages on The Commedienne (300 words) and The Year 1794 (360 words), a 740 word page (titled: Stituations) giving the historical context of the writings by Reymont and Sienkiewicz, and a 375 word page giving additional details about Reymont.
1,800 words total A biography of the author by Prof. Józef Bachórz .
885 words A biographical sketch of the novelist and a selected listing of his works by Pegasus, a Finnish literature related resource site.
>2000 words This is a fine page about Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont with a detailed biography, a list of some of his works, and some external links also it shows the portrait of his and a piture of the original manuscript of "Chlopi".
3.065 words total Polish flag   A Polish language site featuring a 1,755 word biography, a 890 word account of the Nobelists literary outpur and a 420 word page devoted the his epic The Peasants.
49 chapters Polish flag   Complete Polish text of the four volume epic The Peasants.
39 chapters Polish flag   Complete Polish text of The Promised Land.
615 words A short biography by Prof. Roman Solecki
PAGES OF RELATED LINKS Film adaptation: The Promised Land
Film Director:     Andrzej Wajda
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