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340 words The Nobel Foundations biography of the 1905 Nobel Laureate in Literature
4,140 words Presentation Speech by C.D. af WirsÚn, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy marking the award of the 1905 Nobel Prize in Literature to Henryk Sienkiewicz
230 words Nobel Banquet speech by Heryk Sienkiewicz, the 1905 Nobel Laureate in Literature
2,680 words A Sienkiewicz website featuring a biography of the author (1060 words), a chronology of his works (550 words), an essay regarding the historical context in which he wrote (725 words), and a selection of interesting details about him (345 words).
5,000 words Biographical essay
5,790 words Translation of selected passages from the book
8 webpages The Henry Sienkiewicz website
1,690 words Short biography. Also a bibliography of commentary by Polish authors.
1,330 A biography and a selected listing of works.
8,650 words total Trilogy pages
980 words Short descriptions of the contents of seven of Sienkiewicz's works
700 words An introduction to the historical novel set in the time of the Swedish invasion of 1655-1660 which devasted the country. The novel, written at the time Poland was partitioned between Russia, Germany and Austria, glorified and romaticized Poland's past; the hero of the story set an emple of valor and patriotism
525 words Nine quotations
275 words A short biography with an image of the writer
> 200 words this a page about Henryk Sienkiewicz with his biography, a list of his important novels and some external links.
400 words Provides information about the hours of opening and details the museum's nature and collection.
5 visuals
90 words
  Website of the Hernyk Sienkiewicz Museum in Oblegorku with very good photos of the museum
680 words Text of the address of John Paul II at the 30 August 2001 world premiPre of the new Polish version of the film "Quo Vadis"
1,542 words James R. Thompson's critique of W. S. Kuniczak's translation of Henryk Sienkiewicz's Trilogy
3 visuals
Writings of Sienkiewicz's relatives relating of individuals who served as models for some of the charaters Sienkiewicz created in his novels.
2,150 words Webpage provides information about the main characters in Sienkiewicz'e Trilogy - it also expresses contemporary political opinions seek to draw lessons form the Trilogy.
700 words
6 visuals
  A Sienkiewicz chonology illustrated with portraits of the individuals that formed his family
11 visuals   A Sienkiewicz filmography with film dates, titles, directors, etc and with visuals from many of the films based on his novels
33 webpges Extensive exploration of the novel under a variety of headings: historical, symbolic, cultural, etc.
760 words A short biography by Prof. Roman Solecki
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