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Staropolska on LIne
2,500 words Songs Trifles
Warsaw Voice: Poet's Corner
570 words Two articles about the poetry of Jan Kochanowski with an English translation of the poet's: Trenody V and Second Chorus from The Dismissal of the Grecian Envoys
Jan Kochanowski
185 words Wikipedia's entry for the poet
Jan Kochanowski
435 words CEntry for poet in the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia
Jan Kochanowski: Threnody 14
150 words poem in English translation by Leonard Kress
The Threnodies of Jan Kochanowski
4,390 words A introduction and translations of Threnodies I, III, VI, XII, and XIX with commentaries - Extracts from Barry Keane's book: Jan Kochanowski, Threnodies and The Dismissal of the Greek Envoys
2,115 words Leonard Kress's essay of this title, his translations of Threnodies 5, 6 and 14 and two poems by him
5,000 words Full title: Towards a Re-evaluation of the Sources of Jan Kochanowski's Psalterz Dawidow: the Role of Jean Calvin's In Librum Psalmorum Commentarius
2,590 words A review, published in the Sarmatian Review, of Kochanowki's Treny as translated by Adam Czerniawski
98 pages An Honors History Thesis on the subject of The Treny of Jan Kochanowski
2700 words A review, published in the Canadian Slavonic Papers, of the Treny as translated by Adam Czerniawski
825 words rish poet and Polish poetry specialist Barry Keane explores the motions and emotions of the poetry translator.
3,830 words An essay by Adam Czerniawski discussing the translations of Polish poetry into English with a number of translated poems
660 words A short biography by Prof. Roman Solecki
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