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9 webpages I.The Middle Ages (350 words)
II.Renaissance (745 words)
III.Baroque (565 words)
IV.Enlightenment (415 words)

V.Romanticism (1180 words)
VI.Positivism and Neoromanticism (550 words)
VII.The Inter War Period and the War Years (610 words)
VIII.The Postwar Period (385 words)
Bibliography (530 words)
3,150 words The advent of postmodernism following the regaining of soverignity in 1989.
3,480 words An essay which seeks to tackle the questions such as those posed by Holderlin: "And what are poets for in a difficult time?" and Milosz: "What is poetry which does not save / Nations or people?" using some recent examples from Eastern and Central Europe and in particular making reference to Herbert, Milosz and Szymborska.
965 words An essay that discusses Romanticism's favored form, the lyric, as viewed in the West and contrasts it with the distinctive role that poetry has played in modern Polish history. An abstract of paper presented by Clare Cavanaghat the 1999 AATSEEL National Meeting
46 pages An anthology of 45 poems by 10 poets. All but 11 of the poems are presented in English translation.
194 pages An anthology of the poems by 15 poets.
3,125 words Nothing Will Move But the Direction: - Review article by Ellen Hinsey discusses the poetry of Wislawa Szymborska, Anna Swirszczynska, Julia Hartwig, Ewa Lispka, Krystyna Milobedzka, and Marzanna Bogumila Kielar.
11,000 webpages flag   A vast anthology of poems - in the original Polish - by almost 200 Polish poets, providing, for several of the poets, in excess of 100 of their poems and, for others, entire book length epics. Also the texts of many Polish songs and Christmas carols.
9 periods
many pages
flag   Site, divided by literary periods, offers poems by many of Poland's poets.
760 words The Generation of '68/New Wave whose focus of attention in their poetry was the official language of propaganda thereby audiences to the numbing effect of official discourses Newspeak and expose its inadequacies.
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