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Ariontrans.: Marek Lugowski
A Ballad About Us Not Ceasing to Existtrans.: Marek Lugowski
Daedalus and Icarustrans.: Marek Lugowski
The Envoy of Mr Cogito [1]trans.: John Carpenter & Bogdana Carpenter
The Envoy of Mr CogitoIn English Translation
From the Top of the StairsIn English Translation
The Headtrans.: John and Bogdana Carpenter
I Would Like to Describetrans.: Czeslaw Milosz and Peter Dale Scott
A Knockertrans.: Czeslaw Milosz and Peter Dale Scott
A Lamenttrans.: John and Bogdana Carpenter
Meditations of Mr. Cogito on RedemptionIn English Translation
The Monster of Mr CogitoIn English Translation
Mr Cogito and the ImaginationIn English Translation
Mr Cogito on the Need for Precision (excerpt)In English Translation
Pebble [1]trans.: Peter Dale Scott and Czeslaw Milosz
Pebbletrans.: Czeslaw Milosz and Peter Dale Scott
The Power of Tastetrans.: John and Bogdana Carpenter
Report from the Besieged CityIn English Translation
Rovigotrans.: John and Bogdana Carpenter
Story about King Midastrans.: Marek Lugowski
The TrialIn English Translation
Why the Classics [1]trans.: Peter Dale Scott and Czeslaw Milosz
The Wolf and the Sheeptrans.: John and Bogdana Carpenter
[1] Accompanied by a 40 min audio discussion of the poems by Prof. Huck Gutman of the University of Vermont .
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