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2,786 words An essay by Regina Grol covering: Family history; activism, imprisonment, banishment; Paris; poetic masterpieces; patriotic fervor; and The Prophet
1,412 words Mickiewicz as a young activist; as a pilgrim; a poet, playwright and writer; as a lecturer; as a legionist; as a politician. Also the Legend of Adam Mickiewicz
26 webpages French language site: Information regarding the celebrations expositions and articles of the bicentenary of Mickiewicz's birth. Also, three biographies (by Michel Maslowski, Bronislaw Geremek, and Alexandre Labzine)
890 words A biography that gives insight into some of the events that inspired the poet's poetic output.
876 words Bilingual (English/French) Website of the Mickiewicz Museum in Paris. It contains poet's personal memorabilia, his manuscripts, documents relating to his activity as a publicist and political figure, his letters. Portraits.
820 words An account of the poet's revolutionary activities
590 words A brief biographical introduction and one poem: Goodnight
250 poetic works Polish flag   A comprehensive on-line collection of the poets works: single poems and book-length epics.
27 poems Polish flag   The bilingual texts of 27 songs and lied based on Mickiewicz texts
765 words A short biography by Prof. Roman Solecki
Crimean Sonnets
820 words An 1820 word biography of the poet and 16 of his sonnets from the Crimea as translated by Edna Worthley Underwood
Forefathers' Eve
1,630 An account and introduction to the dramatic cycle Forefathers' Eve (Dziady) written by Adam Mickiewicz: Parts II & IV 1823 Vilnius; Part III 1832 Paris; Part I (fragment) 1860 Paris. Included also is the "Digression", a series of long poems following the drama which depicted despotism in St. Petersburg in all its horror and particularly exercised the Russian censors. The work became politically contentious again with the Soviet occupation of Polish territory at the start of WWII and the later cosignment of Poland to the Soviet sphere of influence. Also briefly considered is the notion that it inspired Solidarity and thus brought about the collapse of the Soviet Empire.
Pan Tadusz
1,115 words An essay designed to make the film Pan Tadeusz more intelligible to foreign audiences
876 words An account of Andrzej Wajda's filming of Mickiewicz's masterpiece: the epic Pan Tadeusz
16 items Polish flag   Internet pages devoted to Mickiewicz's epic poem Pan Tadeusz. Include: full text in Polish; facsimilies of first page of original edition; of Mickiewicz's authograph; several sets of illustrations created for various editions of the work; and series of Polish stamps devoted to the poet and his epic poem.
12 books and the epilog Polish flag   The Polish text of Mickiewicz's epic poem
7 items Polish flag   A variety of mostly archival information regarding Mickiewicz's epic poem, its first edition, etc.
Report broken link: copy its title or url and click here Flag Polish flag   indicates link is to a website in Polish
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