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100+ poems Page devoted to links to English transaltions of Szymborska's poems
Szymborska Websites
7 webpages
3,540 words
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1996: the Laureate's biography (280 words), her Nobel lecture (2,000 words), a selection of five of her poems, the 1996 press release (1,260 words), and photographs.
7 webpages
9,630 words
Two Poems; critical essays, articles from the Warsaw Voice, a walktrough a Szymborska Exhibition, other Sources.
16 webpages
12,430 words
Website created by Polish students of a Secondary School in Bielsko Biala at in Poland. Includes a time line, annotated listing of her works, and a page of Szymborska curiosities.
1,840 words Poland's Blithe Spirit: On discovering Wislawa Szymborska -- essay by David Barber (The Atlantic: 1997) - 1,840 words
2,750 words After the Nobel Prize: A range of 1996 opinion excerpted by the editors of Periphery in the wake of the award of the Nobel prize for literature to Szymborska. Included are some critical reviews of Szymborska's work, as well as two reactions from the American press for comparison.
1,165 words A literary biography
960 words Two poems, a visual of the Nobel award
720 words A literary profile of the poet
2,150 words A October 13, 1996 Los Angeles Times interview with the poet.
6,140 words Aleksandra Gruzinska discusses Szymborska review of the Polish translation of de Staël's Ten Years of Exile
Book Reviews
2,105 words Poems: New and Collected, 1957-1997 reviewed by Frances Padorr Brent
1,795 words Speaking to the Twenty-first Century: Review by Anne Stevenson of Miracle Fair: Selected Poems
100 words Nonrequired Reading reviewed by Terry Teachout
535 words Nonrequired Reading reviewed by Nicole Williams
455 words Nonrequired Reading reviewed by George E. Suboczewski
810 words Miracle Fair reviewed by Sarah Kanning
Other Materials
400 words Polish poet awarded Nobel Prize in literature: A news account contemporary to the 1996 award of the Nobel Prize.
1.590 words Ninety-three quotations
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