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over 500 works This website serves as an index of Polish writing available in English. It has a database of more than 500 translations. It provides extracts of key works. It aims to bring acclaimed works (for instance: those nominated for the NIKE prize) to a wider audience.
88 bios Biographical sketches of Poland's most noted authors.
Over 210 works Polish flag   A new Polish government sponsored initiative
187 works Site makes accessible the complete text of many works of over 80 of Poland's most noted authors.
many works Polish flag  Site features the following collections of complete Polish language literary texts: Sredniowiecze, Odrodzenie, Barok, Oswiecenie, Romantyzm, Pozytywizm, Mloda Polska, 20 lecie miedzywojenne, Wspólczesnosc, Polacy tworzacy poza krajem, Twórczosc naszych gosci.
958 links Polish flag  A large website providing links to a many literary works and to a variety of subject matter related to literature.
22 texts Polish flag  Site makes accessible the Polish language texts of Sienkiewicz's Trilogy, Mickiewicz'e Pan Tadeusz, and Na Wędrownym Szlaku, a book of poems originally published in Iran.
14 Polish authors Polish flag  Site makes accessible the Polish language texts of the works of 14 Polish authors (as well as a number of others in Polish translation) as zipped files that can be downloaded.
15 links Polish flag  Reproduction of a page of links to Polish language virtual libraries that had been maintained by the Centrum Komputerowe dla Studentów Niewidomych i Niedowidz±cych (The Computer Center for Blind and Sight Impaired Students) of Warsaw University
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