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> Hiller, Karol (1891-1939)  

Drums, c. 1938 Composition with a Spiral, 1928 Composition: O, 1928 Constructivist Relief-bas, 1934 Rain, 1924 Heliographic Composition, 1936-7
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119 words A brief biography on Karol Hiller.
1 painting Hiller's painting "Deszcz"
821 words A profile on Karol Hiller.
405 words An exhibition composed of works from the collection of the Museum of Art in Lodz
2 paintings Hiller's paintings "Composition "O" and "Rain."
337 words Entry for the artist in the Grove Dictionary of Painting.
240 words A New Perspective a Warsaw Voice article occasioned by a 2003 exhibition at the Art Museum in Lodz
3 paintings flag   A gallery of paintings and a brief biographical notes (215 words).
3 paintings
199 words
flag   A gallery of paintings and biographical details.
675 words
one visual
flag  Page of the Agra-Art auction house devoted to Karol Hiller and his 1936-7 Heliographic Composition (XXIX)"
720 words
one painting
flag   Article published on the occasion of Hiller 2002 retrospective exhibition at the Art Museum in Lodz
115 words
3 visuals
flag   Webpage of the Art Museum in Kielce occasioned by 2003 Karol Hiller exhibition held there.
General sources and locations of paintings at top: from the left
    "Drums" c. 1938, Art Museum, Lodz
    "Composition with a spiral" 1928, Art Museum, Lodz
    "Composition: O" 1928, Art Museum, Lodz
    "Constructivist Relief-bas" 1934, Art Museum, Lodz
    "Rain" 1924, Art Museum, Lodz
    "Heliographic Composition (XXIX)" 1936-7, Art Museum, Lodz
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