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> Rustem, Jan (1762-1835)  

Autoportret Portret Antoniego Wankowicza Autoportret Portrait of Maria Mirska, Adam Napoleon Mirski and Barbara Szumska Portret Józefa Saundersa
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1 painting Rustem's painting "Portrait of Maria Mirska, Adam Napoleon Mirski and Barbara Szumska"
295 words Entry for the artist in the Grove Dictionary of Painting.
2 paintings flag   Two paintings by Rustem and biographical details (247 words).
3 paintings flag   Small gallery of Rustem paintings and biographical notes (230 words)
2 paintings Rustem's paintings "Self-Portrait"
General sources and locations of paintings at top: from the left
    "Autoportret", Lost between 1939-1945
    "Portret Antoniego Wankowicza", c. 1805, National Museum, Warsaw
    "Autoportret", Lost on 25-28 October 1944
    "Portrait of Maria Mirska, Adam Napoleon Mirski and Barbara Szumska", c. 1808, National Museum, Warsaw
    "Portret Józefa Saundersa", c. 1805, National Museum, Warsaw
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