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> Smuglewicz, Franciszek (1745 -1807) 

Kosciuszko's Oath in Krakow Battle of Chocim, 1797 Portrait of Prozor Family, 1789 Achilles receives the envoys of the Agamemnon The burial place of the homeland
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3 paintings
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7 paintings Kosciuszko Taking the Oath in Cracow; The Death of Chodkiewicz; Battle of Warka 1656; Persian Envoys before the King of Ethiopia; Scythian Envoys before Darius; Portrait of Prozor Family; Visit to the Baths of Titus
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13 plates
A selection of plates from the portfolio Vestigia delle Terme di Tito published in 1776. Plus text from the catalog of Nero's Golden House an exhibition at the National Museum in Warsaw organized to commemorate the 200th death anniversary of Franciszek Smuglewicz. The plates are based on drawings Szmuglewicz made of frescoes which had been uncovered in the ruins of Nero's House of Gold.
3 engravings "Vestigia delle Terme di Tito e loro interne pitture". Copper engravings based on the drawings made by Franciszek Smuglewicz of the frescoes which had been uncovered in the ruins of Nero's House of Gold. 1776
2 paintings flag   "Kosciuszko's Oath in Krakow" and a Portrait of the Prozor family
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