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> Stazewski, Henryk / Stażewski, Henryk (1894 - )  

Painting no. 36 Relief in Aluminium no. XII Composition Composition
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1853 words Henryk Stazewski profile
4 paintings Paintings and a few remarks (40 words)
754 words Entry for the artist in the Grove Dictionary of Painting.
4 paintings flag   A gallery of paintings and biographical details.
2 paintings flag   Paintings and biographical sketch (180 words)
3 paintings
166 words
flag   A gallery of paintings and biographical notes.
General sources and locations of paintings at top: from the left
    "Painting no. 36", c. 1975, National Museum, Warsaw
    "Relief in Aluminium no. XII", c. 1965, National Museum, Poznan
    "Composition", c. 1930, Museum of Art, Lodz
    "Composition", c. 1929, Museum of Art, Lodz
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