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> Eidrigevicius, Stasys (1949 -) 

History, 1991 Afganistan - Art and Craft, 1987
Mandate II Triennale of Sacred Art, 1994 The Captive Mind, 1991 A Story About Sorrow and Joy, 1991 Lovers, 1989
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2 posters Two artworks by Eidrigevicius
300 words
4 posters
Eidrigevicius's biographical details and 4 poster artworks.
151 words
6 posters
Eidrigevicius's biography and major awards listing.
139 words
59 posters
Eidrigevicius's biographical details and gallery of poster artworks.
52 posters Eidrigevicius's gallery of poster artworks.
129 words
24 posters
Eidrigevicius's biographical details and gallery of poster artworks.
20 visuals A gallery of paintings by Eidrigevicius
4 posters Colorado State University collection
Titles of artworks and sources of visuals - at top: from the left
    "History," 1991
    "Afganistan - Art and Craft," 1987
    "II Triennale of Sacred Art," 1994
    "The Captive Mind," 1991
    "A Story About Sorrow and Joy," 1991
    "Lovers," 1989
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