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Abstract Sculpture Abstract Sculpture, 1931 Three-Dimensional Composition, 1929 Abstract Sculpture #1, 1924 Nude, 1948 Female Nude, 1948
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520words Entry for the artist in the Grove Dictionary of Art
1,115 words Prewar Avant-garde: Two Warsaw Voice articles about the a leader of Poland's pre-war avant-garde and, in 1931, help found Lodz's museum of modern art. A Constructivist and Supermatist, her art was not well regarded by Poland post-war communist regime. Currently she is regarded as one of Poland's greatest artists
3 photos website presents a film in preproduction with a script by Pawel Kuczynski for a film about Kobro. . Includes a number of historic photos.
one logo
Logo created by Krzysztof Tyczkowski forthe 1998 Kobro Retrospective exhibition
64 webpages
Bilingual website for the 1998 Kobro Exibition that celebrated the centennial of her birth
Introduction - 470 words
Why Kobro - 1,740 words
Biography - 450 words
images of 31 works
3D interative model of a compostion
animated visuals of 13 compositions
14,440 words
in toto
Katarzyna Kobro 1898-1951
Preface by Dierk Stemmler - 760 words
Finiteness - Infinity by Ryszard Stanislawski - 1,020 words
Kobro's Unistic Sculptures by Ursula Grzechca-Mohr - 5, 390 words
Documentation by Jaromir Jedlinski - 5,790 words
Katarzyna Kobro - Life History - 275 words
List of Exhibitions - 535 words
Bibliography - 675 words
Some Works - 2 photgraphs
General sources and locations of paintings at top: from the left
    "Abstract Sculpture," Art Museum, Lodz
    "Abstract Sculpture," 1931
    "Three-Dimensional Composition," 1929, Art Museum, Lodz
    "Abstract Sculpture #1," 1924, Art Museum, Lodz
    "Nude," 1948
    "Female Nude," 1948
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