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Icarus with Wings, 2002 Eros alato, 1984 Donne 1
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20 photos Lugano's Museo di Arte Moderna: Photogallery and slide show of the 2002 Mitoraj exhibition in the streets of the center of Lugano. Also a link to a 445 word biography
935 words
2 photos
"Igor Mitoraj. Sculptures and pictures" curatorial statement for a 2004 exhibition in the courtyard of the castle."
840 words
19 sculptures
Webpage of the Museum of Mordern Art in Lugano. 370 word introduction, a 470 word biography, photo of the artist with his sculptures, and an interactive map of the town featuring 19 of the artist's sculptures
1,345 words A Twist on the Classics: Four Warsaw Voice articles occasioned by the Igor Mitoraj exhibitions in Poznań and Karkow
235 words Infromation regarding an exhibition of the artist's scultures that took place in Krakow in October 2003-January 2004 period
300 words
14 photos
"Mitoraj at the Trajan's Markets" 300 word report on the artist's exhibition in August 2004 with link to photo gallery of same
8 images Images of works and biographical details
one image
90 words
Commentary from the March-April 1993 issue of the American Scientist regarding how Mitoraj's sculptures are reminders that classical aesthetic was subverted by ideology in states controlled by the Communist Party.
Titles and locations of artworks and sources of the visuals at top: from the left
    "Icarus with Wings," 2002
    "Eros alato," 1984, Royal Castle, Warsaw
    "Donne 1"
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