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Jerzy Grotowski
1,395 words A brief biography of the 1999 MacArthur Fellow (i.e. "Genius Awardee") and a longer account of the philosophy and method Grotowski generated for the theater in an age changed by the advent of the cinema. It was based on the concept that the most important reality of the theater is the communion between the actors and the audience.
Director Jerzy Grotowski Dead
400 words Orbituary posted in February 1999 by the Polish Embassy to the United States.
Honoring Jerzy Grotowski
700 words Article based on an interview with Robert Cohen, University of California at Irvine (UCI) drama professor who, as department chair at the time Grotowski was at UCI.
Grotowski Archive
  1. Thoughts On Jerzy Grotowski
  2. Jerzy Grotowski
  3. Polish Show Revolutionary
  4. Grotowski's Statement of Principles
  5. Remembering Jerzy Grotowski
  6. Grotowski and Vakhtangov
  7. My Dinners with Jerzy
11,700 words in toto A number of pieces on Grotowski including:
  1. An e-mail exchange with Jeffrey Spolan who for three years was trained using almost exclusively Grotowski techniques - 1,153 words
  2. A second e-mail exchange this between Jeffrey Spolan and a graduate student - 770 words
  3. A review of a performance of Grotowski's "The Constant Prince" in New York in October of 1969 - 720 words
  4. Ten principles - 2,770 words
  5. Transcripts of remarks made at a memorial - 3,140 words
  6. An exploration of possible influences of Vakhtangov on Grotowski - 1,730 words
  7. A piece by Robert S. Currier, artistic director of Marin Shakespeare Company in San Rafael - 1,400 words
Grotowski: Igniting the Flame
17,000 words A lecture delivered on May 16, 1992 by Prof. Don Boros on the subject of Grotowski and his art.
Grotowski Jerzy
310 words Two quotes, two photos and a short profile.
Grotowski:Directory of Source Material
1,700 words This page consists of links to the Grotowski material on the website of owendaly.com as well as other reference material on Grotowski that you might find interesting or useful.
Jerzy Grotowski, 1933-1999
2,700 words Appreciations by six authors on the occasions of Grotowski's death
A Theater 29.2 (1999) 4-15 article accessible if you are not at a suscribing institution
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