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3,185 words A review of censorship practices in the Polish Lands in the context to the political events and situations of the period.
5,600 words Article from Censorship: A World Encyclopedia. Deal with the history of censorship in the Inter-war period, during the German occupation of WWII, the years of the Communist Regime and those since.
1,320 words The Black Book of Polish Censorship (Czarna ksiega cenzury PRL) consists of approximately 700 pages of classified documents dating from the period 1974-77, which the Cracow censor, Tomasz Strzyzewski, smuggled out of People's Poland to Sweden in February 1977. The tome had a profound impact upon the Polish intelligentsia, particularly writers, who were astounded by the draconian restrictions applied by the state.
1,340 words Underground publishers and publications began to appear from the mid-1970s in Poland. Its potential expanded enormously with the rise of Solidarity. Following the declaration of Martial Law, the state authorities imposed a severe clampdown, which however didn't eradicate underground publishing entirely. In February 1987 a new policy of toleration was introduced and publications became widely available.
1,390 words A brief history of the underground publishing movement and an account of how in 1995, Cornell University Library acquired a rare and invaluable collection of over 1200 Polish Underground publications from the Solidarity era. These items were written and printed during a time of martial law, when one could be imprisoned for even being associated with such activities.
over 1,200 items An alphabetical list, by author (if there is one) or title, of the underground publications of the Polish Solidarity movement which are available from Cornell University Library's Rare Books Department.
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